Emma grew up in the Irish countryside, where her mother and grandmother inspired her interest in good food. They were all partial to strong ingredients and interesting flavor combinations, and spent most of their time in the vegetable patch or kitchen. Emma’s lunchboxes were legendary; often filled with anchovy, pickled walnut or marmite sandwiches and one of her favorite childhood meals was steamed artichoke dipped in a lightly spiced vinaigrette.

It’s no surprise then that she ended up embarking on a career in gastronomy (with a small detour teaching history). Working as a chef, blogger and sommelier, she now gets to live the foodie life on the frontline. In her spare time, she can be found cycling through the back streets of Zürich with her one-year old daughter, looking for hidden cafés and restaurants, and hoping to continue the family line with a new, young foodie. Coffee, wine and a good sandwich are her daily fuel, with a bit of ice cream thrown in!

Emma's Favorites in Zurich

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