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Corporate events
Are you planning a corporate event or a unique team-building activity in Zurich? Even though we do occasionally organize larger corporate events, our focus is on “curated food experiences” for smaller teams (mostly 6-12 people, supper clubs for up to 35 people). All of our food experiences are highly interactive: We love tasting games, historical/cultural facts, storytelling and, of course, plenty of delicious food!
How about a fascinating  food tour for your new employees or guests from abroad to discover Zurich? Our food tours cover culinary topics, foods and venues that will surprise most locals. Or maybe an exclusive dinner party with a private chef in a stunning location just for your team? We also offer various educational and fun tastings as well as workshops (teawinechocolate, cocktail, cooking, sushi or even olive oil ) with one of our experts.
We are more than happy to create a custom-designed corporate event for your team to fit your needs and desires. Please note that our customized corporate events start from 6-8 guests minimum, depending on the experience. 
Online Tea Tasting

Seit nun schon 20 Jahren wohne ich in Zürich und .. wow. Hätte nie gedacht, dass man mir erfahrenem Stadtzürcher noch so viel Neues zeigen kann! Hat sich echt gelohnt! Ich probiere demnächst mit meinem Team die nächste Tour!

Nicolas L., Entrepreneur (TripAdvisor)

Yuan helped us organize a wonderful team event. We were the first group after the covid-crisis and thanks to her we were able to experience the full pleasure of food tasting! Very well done – any time again! 🙂

Jacqueline G., McKinsey (Facebook)


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