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After water, tea is mankind’s most consumed beverage, making the tea tree one of the world’s most important cultivated plants. Similar to wine, the concept of terroir plays a very crucial role: Through the cup, we reach back to the land where the leaf once grew. We awaken the leaves in hot water, and they release their original natural world to you the soil, the air, the light, the mountains, and the rain. This taste and sensual experience of nature, with all of its exquisite flavors and aromas, are at the very heart of drinking tea.   

In this relaxed, interactive online tea tasting (90min), you will share a virtual cup of tea with our tea sommelier:  We will discuss the basics of tea harvesting/processing, explain the different tea types, and learn how to appreciate tea with all of your senses. You will receive 5 curated, farm-sourced teas which we will look at. We will then brew and taste at least 3 teas together, taking you on a sensual journey to some of the world’s finest tea gardens. 

Minimum of 6 participants, CHF 75.00/person incl. selection of 5 exclusive teas & shipping within Switzerland.

Online Tea Tasting

INDULGE made my day by offering a webinar about tea during a time when foodie tours are not possible. The founder Yuan, who is also a tea sommelier, shared her knowledge about Chinese tea online. Thank you so much, this experience opened a new world of tea to me! Hoping for more online classes until we’re able to take tours again!

Dorienne P., Bern (TripAdvisor)


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