Ever since she was a little girl, Yuan would fall asleep with cookbooks – and she still does. Most of her childhood memories are connected to food: the first time she ate ice cream, waiting for waffles, making jiaozi with her family, reaching for a pot of popcorn and getting burned, picking berries or preparing her first “bread” in a gas oven while her mother was gone… and almost setting the entire house on fire.

If Yuan is not eating, she is thinking about what and where to eat next. In 2016, Yuan moved to Paris to study at Le Cordon Bleu. It was here, where she became really obsessed with cooking: After class, she would spend hours reading about the science behind cooking, research the history of culinary traditions around the world, watch YouTube videos to improve her techniques and draw how she would plate the next day. Besides studying cuisine as well as patisserie at Le Cordon Bleu in Paris, London and Wellington (New Zealand), Yuan has also taken professional chef’s courses and private classes in Italy, Spain, South Africa, Thailand, Lebanon, China, Japan and UK. To deepen her culinary knowledge, Yuan then worked in a Michelin** restaurant in London as well as in a bistro in New Zealand. Being a tea aficionado, Yuan has trained as a tea sommelier and loves to study everything within the world of tea.



Having grown up on 3 continents, lived in 13 and traveled 100+ countries, Yuan is a true world citizen who loves to explore food markets, cook in local kitchens and visit artisan producers. Some of her favorite food experiences include: roasting chestnuts over an open fire in a 300 years old house in the mountains of Tuscany while listening to jazz, a gourmet walking tour in Portland, cooking with a grandmother in a private home in Beirut, collecting young bamboo while trekking through Northern Thailand in the middle of a rainstorm and devouring the delicious bamboo dishes at night, picking green tea in Fuchun, making her own chocolate bars in Nicaragua, preparing a delicious “barbecue” on the beaches of Samoa, enjoying royal court cuisine in a North Korean temple, and stuffing herself at the night markets in Taipei.

After eating and cooking around the globe, Yuan recently moved back to Switzerland – the beautiful country where she grew up in. She realized that she, along with most Swiss, really does not know anything about Swiss cuisine… even though Switzerland features the most Michelin stars per capita in the world! It is therefore her mission to find the unsung food heroes, research Switzerland’s culinary past, cook side-by-side talented Swiss chefs, and discover the most exciting culinary experiences in Switzerland… so you can INDULGE.