How long have you been living in Zurich?

I grew up in the hills of Canton Zürich and moved to the city ten years ago.


What do you love most about Zurich?

The lake and the river – with all the possibilities to relax or take a swim.


What do you do?

I work in a small restaurant and butcher shop as a chef de service.


How do you feel about the food scene in Zurich?

A lot has happened recently: On the one hand, there are more and more influences from all over the world. You are able to try countless authentic cuisines in our city. On the other hand, many restaurants now focus on local/traditional methods as well as regional ingredients. All of these developments make me very excited!


Name your top 3 restaurants in Zurich.

I love to sit on the terrace of restaurant Ristorante Italia, they serve authentic Italian food from different regions. I also have to mention Metzg which was already one of my favorite restaurants in Zürich before I started working there. We try to find good producers from Switzerland and make their ingredients delicious. Because of my love for American food, I visit Burgermeister regularly where, in my opinion, you can find the best burger in Zürich.


Where would you take a date?

I’d probably cook myself.


Which Swiss dishes would you encourage travelers to try?

A great dish to get to know Swiss cuisine is Gschwellti – boiled potatoes served with a variety of cheeses and pickled vegetables. I love combining fruit and meat so I often make Aargauerbraten, a pork roast filled with dried plums. Or one of the many hearty sweet dishes which we eat as a main course like Öpfelrösti. This is an apple compote served with buttery croutons.