How long have you been living in Zurich?

At the moment, I’m living in Winterthur because of my studies in St. Gallen. However, every time I’m in Zurich for work, to meet my friends and family or just to take a walk by the lake, I am reminded of the beauty of Zurich and how much I want to return to the city once my studies are finished.


What do you love most about Zurich?

The thing I love most about Zurich is how big and small the city feels at the same time. Every time, there are new things to discover around each corner and still you manage to run into old friends & colleagues on a regular basis.


What do you do?

I’m the manager of a small start-up called Laromi and a student at the University of St. Gallen.

How do you feel about the food scene in Zurich?

I love the food scene in Zurich! There has been such a diverse and interesting development of new restaurants, concepts and start-ups. I hope that this is just the beginning.


Name your top 3 restaurants in Zurich.

Any place that serves delicious, authentic Italian food. Tibits because I love the concept and used to work there. AuGust because it offers the perfect combination of simplicity and seriousness in every aspect.


Where would you take a date?

When going on a date with my husband I like to either discover a totally new place or to enjoy the time together in a relaxed atmosphere with friendly staff. Più and AuGust have been our stable go-tos for quite some time now.


Which Swiss dishes would you encourage travelers to try?

Älplermagronen with homemade apple sauce! One of my personal all-time favorites and really delicious comfort food. A perfect choice especially during the cold season that is slowly but surely coming.