How long have you been living in Zurich?

One year and a half! I moved from Lucerne (I lived there also for a year and a half), and before that I lived in Italy and Peru.


What do you love most about Zurich?

It is in the middle of everything! So many things are going on every week, it’s home to interesting people from all around the world, the size of the city is just great (not too big, not too small), and it has an amazing location.


What do you do?

I am an operations and project manager with a passion for photography and blogging. You can find me at @ellarend on Instagram/YouTube and on my blog Coffee with Ella.


How do you feel about the food scene in Zurich?

I feel there is a lot of variety, there are restaurants from all around the world. I have a huge list of places I still need to try, and this list grows every week!


Name your top 3 restaurants in Zurich.

This is hard! Barranco (I need to mention Peruvian food), La Taqueria, Yen’s. I like restaurants that make me feel at home.


Where would you take a date?

It really depends, but I would say George / Brick / Clouds / Tales Bar for a cocktail, Binz & Kunz for a more easygoing drink, Cafe Lang / Babu’s / jenseits im Viadukt for coffee.


Which Swiss dishes would you encourage travelers to try?

I am a fan of Rösti, and I think travelers generally enjoy raclette more than fondue. Also, bread and cheese! I love Silserbrötli and Mandelgipfel… and Gruyère, of course.